AdBlue® Bulk Deliveries by Birmingham Fuel Oils Ltd

Most modern HGV Vehicles, Vans, and cars with diesel motors and SCR catalysts need AdBlue® as an addition to fuel. AdBlue® is a 32.5% solution of pure urea in demineralized water, which is injected directly into your vehicle exhaust stream, controlled by the engine. Environmentally harmful nitrogen oxides (NOx) in the exhaust fumes are converted into […]

Construction Site Fuel Deliveries

For all scheduled or emergency fuel deliveries to your construction or development project in the Midlands, we have the right team to meet your requirements. With deliveries from 500 liters to 18,000 Litre bulk deliveries both weekdays and weekends. Construction sites are busy and demanding places with deadlines and budgets to meet. We at Birmingham […]

May The FORS Be With You!

Birmingham Fuel Oils have successfully achieved Bronze accreditation in FORS,(Fleet Operators Recognition Scheme) at its Fuel Depot in the heart of Birmingham. FORS is preferred and in many cases specified as the quality standard for fleet operations by many local authority developments & construction projects. Our FORS accreditation demonstrates to our clients & supply chain […]

FORS Accreditation Success

Birmingham Fuel Oils are proud to announce we have successfully achieved FORS accreditation which demonstrates our organisation’s competence and performance in fleet operational efficiency & safety against an industry-wide recognised standard. Well done to all the team at Birmingham Fuel Oils Ltd for making this happen, particularly our Managing Director, Dean Cattermole who has dutifully […]