Leading Gas Oil Company Supplying all of the UK

We are a gas oil company where you can buy gas oil in bulk loads for your business. We are committed to helping you keep your business running at the busiest of times. Birmingham Fuel Oils operates 24/7 and offers the best fuel prices for nationwide delivery.

As a leading gas oil supplier, we operate from more than 600 supply points across the United Kingdom so that you enjoy a quick and hassle-free service. We can deliver our gas oil fuel to your premises and meet our clients’ needs based on a one-to-one basis.

Our gas oil, also known as red diesel and tractor diesel, is used in many sectors, such as in construction, heating, and farming. The gas oil diesel has lower taxation compared to regular road diesel. The gas oil fuel is distinctive with its red dye and is not for use in road vehicles traveling on public roads.

The construction industry uses our gas oil and diesel in excavators, cranes, generators, and dumper trucks. The farming industry uses gas oil in many different types of farm vehicles, such as combine harvesters and tractors, as well as in grain dryers and heaters.

Gas oil is also available for use in furnaces in the smelting industry, where extremely high temperatures are needed. Even unexpected sectors, such as data centres, use gas oil in their backup generators, due to its attractive pricing compared to standard diesel.

Due to our buying power, we are one of the UK’s leading gas oil suppliers and can provide quotes that wont be beaten, therefore, call us today and get an instant quote.


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Gas oil suppliers near me

Birmingham Fuel Oils has 20 years of experience in supplying fuels and oils, and we are a family run gas oil supplier located in Birmingham, on Junction 6 of the M6. We have a storage depot located in Aston, so if you are a major company or a small independent looking for gas oil near me, then get in touch with Birmingham Fuel Oils today, the UK’s number one gas oil supplier.